We had a great turnout for the August 2016 Public Open House at Murray City Hall. Attendees had an opportunity to review the DRAFT General Plan, DRAFT Future Land Use Map, and hear a presentation regarding the process of getting to this point in the General Plan Update. If you weren’t able to attend, you can find a pdf of the presentation on the home page along with the most current drafts of the General Plan and Future Land Use Map.

Thanks to all who came to provide input at the October 2015 Public Open House. Attendees provided feedback on the DRAFT goals and objectives for the General Plan Update.

20151021_181505 20151021_181541 20151021_182502

A great turnout at the April 2015 Public Workshop! Lots of great ideas and input.

April 2015 Public Workshop_1

April 2015 Public Workshop_6

April 2015 Public Workshop_7

April 2015 Public Workshop_8

April 2015 Public Workshop_3

April 2015 Public Workshop_4

April 2015 Public Workshop_5

Aprili 2015 Public Workshop_2


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