SLC Streetcar-Rendering newWhat is a General Plan? Simply put, a City’s General Plan is its ‘constitution’ for development. It is comprised of elements that provide a comprehensive slate of citywide policies and strategies for growth and development.

The current Murray City General Plan was adopted in 2003 and replaced the previous plan adopted in 1993. Murray City has undergone major changes in the 10+ years since the 2003 General Plan was adopted. The completion of the Intermountain Medical Center and opening of commuter rail in Murray are expected to continue to have major impacts on Murray’s future.

The hospital has been accompanied by the development of supporting uses such as hotels and medical office buildings. Murray has also seen significant reinvestment by major automobile dealerships, the Fashion Place Mall and investment by the University of Utah. In addition, Murray City has grown in size and population with the annexation of areas located east of 900 East.

The purpose of the general plan update is to analyze the changes that have occurred in the community and to formulate goals, policies, and implementation measures to guide future development in the City.



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