Final Draft of the General Plan & Public Hearing

Read through the final draft of the proposed General Plan for Murray City.

And, take a look at the proposed Future Land Use Map.

A public hearing for adopting the General Plan will be held on March 7, 2017. Please attend and provide your input on the final plan!

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Draft General Plan Presentation

A copy of the presentation given at the public open house on August 25 is available here:


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General Plan Latest Draft

We are nearing the finish line in this process. Below is the latest version of the General Plan document. Now is your chance to review the plan and let us know what you think. Click on the link below to see the document and then feel free to leave a comment and give us your thoughts.

Murray General Plan Draft Aug 2016

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DRAFT Goals and Objectives

The DRAFT Goals and Objectives are waiting for your feedback!

LAND USE & URBAN DESIGN GOAL: Provide and promote a mix of land uses and development patterns that support a healthy community comprised of livable neighborhoods, vibrant economic districts, and appealing open spaces.


  • Preserve and protect the quality of life for a range of viable residential neighborhoods
  • Encourage revitalization along key transportation corridors and in the core of the city.
  • Encourage a form-based development pattern at smaller commercial nodes to support multiple modes of access and mobility.
  • Support the transformation of existing industrial, where appropriate, into high quality and visually appealing industrial uses that can support the city’s economic sustainability while strengthening the image of the city.
  • Support a range of commercial development scales to serve local residents and regional shoppers and employers.
  • Encourage a form-based and mixed use development pattern to connect downtown and the TOD areas through urban design.
  • Support the civic center around Murray Park, the library, and City Hall through compatible and complementary land uses.
  • Continue to ensure the location and pattern of new development does not negatively impact the natural systems and spaces within Murray City.
  • Provide a mix of housing options and residential zones to meet a diverse range of needs related to lifestyle and demographics, including age, household size, and income.
  • Promote a transition of development patterns between commercial areas and stable residential neighborhoods.
  • Stimulate reinvestment in deteriorating areas of the city to support growth and enhance the image of the community.

TRANSPORTATION GOAL: Provide an efficient and comprehensive multi-modal transportation system that effectively serves residents and integrates with the regional transportation plan for the Wasatch Front.


  • Provide safe and efficient movement of traffic on City streets while maintaining the integrity of neighborhoods.
  • Promote the use of alternative transportation systems, including mass transit, pedestrian, and bike travel.
  • Support residential traffic calming where proven effective and cost efficient.
  • Utilize transportation corridors as opportunities to showcase the image of Murray City through beautification and urban design.
  • Optimize the existing transportation network to effectively meet current and future needs without compromising quality of life.
  • Enhance connectivity between city destinations, neighborhoods, transit stations, and open spaces.
  • Promote transit oriented development and connectivity to transit station areas.
  • Ensure transportation/mobility decisions are made with respect to existing and future adjacent land uses.
  • Proactively guide the look and feel of major corridors by developing detailed context-specific concept plans to guide future improvements on City and UDOT managed roadways.
  • Support regional cooperation and coordination in regard to all types of transportation systems and modes.

ECONOMY GOAL: Ensure a resilient economy, prepared to handle future change through the support of a strong and diverse tax base for the city.


  • Revitalize downtown east and west of State Street to support a city cultural and civic center.
  • Create “one-of-a-kind” neighborhood retail nodes with an identity and make them accessible to the local neighborhood via urban design and form (e.g. 9th & 9th; 15th & 15th).
  • Maintain supremacy as the regional retail hub of Salt Lake County by supporting what is there rather than adding competing retail/commercial uses.
  • Create economic districts/nodes that are supported by and geared towards pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure.
  • Increase the sustainability of the City’s tax base through increased office property values and by creating additional employment centers.
  • Enhance existing medical industry centers (such as IMC).

HOUSING GOAL: Provide a diversity of housing through a range of types and development patterns to expand the options available to existing and future residents.


  • Preserve and stabilize current neighborhoods.
  • Preserve aging housing stock through restoration and rehabilitation efforts.
  • Encourage housing options for a variety of age, family size and financial levels.
  • Ensure housing affordability targets are achievable using a range of strategies.
  • Provide the opportunity for affordable home ownership by offering a range of housing types for purchase, including attached dwellings.

PARKS & OPEN SPACE GOAL: Provide and promote a variety of parks and open spaces for residents and visitors to serve a range of needs related to lifestyle and demographics, including age, ability, accessibility and income.


  • Continue to promote Murray’s image through its parks and open space opportunities.
  • Maintain parks and open space service levels within neighborhoods (existing and new) and city-wide.
  • Ensure the provision and maintenance of parks and open space facilities are a priority as Murray grows and changes in the future.
  • Continue to develop new and improve existing trailways and routes to offer safe and efficient travel options for non-motorists.
  • Coordinate with surrounding communities, the county, and the broader region in achieving a regional network of trails
  • Green up the core of the city – bring vegetation back to the commercial and industrial areas of the city.
  • Ensure new developments of any development pattern and scale have parks and open space opportunities to serve their residents.

COMMUNITY, CULTURE & PRESERVATION GOAL: Sustain the culture and identity of Murray City.


  • Preserve key historic landmarks.
  • Proactively identify historic neighborhoods and districts as the community grows and evolves.
  • Provide arts and cultural activities for a range of needs and demographics.
  • Continue to support programs that engage residents and visitors in cultural experiences.
  • Increase the awareness and education of residents and visitors regarding Murray City’s history and heritage through the preservation of significant sites, structures, and areas.
  • Work to provide a balance of new development and the preservation of existing development patterns as redevelopment occurs.
  • Capitalize on historic resources as opportunities for investing in the unique character of Murray City from an economic development perspective.

NATURE, ENVIRONMENT & INFRASTRUCTURE GOAL: Ensure the stewardship of the natural environment through sustainable growth and development patterns.


  • Maintain up to date awareness of population trends and forecasts to help determine the extent and capacity of public services, facilities and infrastructure to support growth sustainably without compromising quality of service.
  • Promote low-impact development (LID) standards and the use of green infrastructure mechanisms.
  • Ensure that infrastructure needs are met with the most sustainable approach.
  • Supports the protection of areas that are less suitable for development through the use of clustered development patterns.
  • Capitalize on areas unsuitable for development and use them for open space and trail opportunities.
  • Ensure development does not negatively impact water quality, both above and underground.

PLAN ADMINISTRATION & IMPLEMENTATION GOAL: Create a readable, understandable document and ensure the responsibilities for administering the plan are clearly stated and metrics are established for evaluating progress in achieving desired outcomes.


  • Align the goals of the plan with the Capital improvement plan
  • Link objectives with the annual city budget.
  • Coordinate implementation responsibilities
  • Regularly report on implementation status.
  • Use benchmarks, indicators, targets and/or other metrics.
  • Adjust goals after appropriate evaluation if targets are not met.
  • Make the General Plan dynamic with the ability to strategically make amendments as future conditions change.
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Over the past 10+ years, Murray City has undergone major changes in new uses, transit service, and economic reinvestment, as well as grown in size and geography. This general plan update will analyze these changes in the community and formulate goals, policies, and implementation measures to guide the future of the City.


  • The goal of the project process is to have an active public engagement process, with participation citywide from all voting and council districts.
  • Stay tuned to the city’s Facebook page and Twitter feeds for additional opportunities to provide input. The next public open house is scheduled for October 21, 2015, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Cottonwood High School’s Media Center.
  • Help spread the word to your friends and neighbors.

Click on the tabs/menu at the top of the page to learn more

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